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Thai-Style Steamed Prawns with Lime, Garlic & Chilli Sauce

Unlike some who dislike eating fish due to its smell, l simply love a good plate of steamed fish for meal! It's probably because I have always been blessed with eating fresh, tasty fish from young as my parents are truly experts in picking the freshest fishes from market (Plus the fact that my grandma was a fishmonger too). Steaming fish and dressing it with Thai flavours is one of my favourite cooking methods. But if you don't like to eat fish, here's a quick and easy recip

Ice Cream Sandwich In a Blitz

Just completed a cooking demo class in collaboration with Mayer to showcase their new CooksClub Power Blender. One of the demo dishes was a colourful dessert treat - Rainbow Coconut Cookie with Mango Ice Cream Sandwich. Many participants were in awe with the power of the blender as well as the ease of churning ice cream and even a peanut butter at home! I am pleased to share with you the recipe of the dessert and hope this will give you some inspiration in making ice cream at

School's Out. Holidays Are In!

Yippeeee! There's no better way to kick start the school holidays with a hearty and healthy burger, be it at home or outdoor (if you're planning for a picnic)! This is definitely not your typical burger. It's also not a boring burger. Why I love this recipe so much is it's full of natural nutrients, visually colourful and yet packed with flavours. Most importantly. it's super EASY to make.......only 6 steps :) I'm sure you don't want to fuss too much with hungry kids waiting

Pan-tastic Pancakes At Home

Who doesn't love a good pancake for breakfast or brunch? Now you can easily make a GREAT (not just good yah :-0 ) pancake with some handy little tips that I have pinned down for you. You can easily find the pancake making ingredients in any supermarkets in Singapore. There's no need for buttermilk which I have seen in many recipes. One secret ingredient I would highly recommend to use is Malt Milk Powder. Why? Not only does it adds extra malt flavour, it also gives a nice gol

Mum's Signature Chinese Wantons

A special tribute to my mum who never fails to whip up delicious home cooked meals for my family every day. Today, I am sharing a recipe that holds dearly in my heart and that's my mum's signature Chinese wantons (or dumplings). The reason why I love this recipe is because it reminds me of home; made with only the freshest ingredients and lots of love ❤️. And knowing my husband, my sister and brother, as well as my little niece either don't like eating fish or can't take pra

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